about us

MommyBabyTings®️  is a parenting blog with merchandise that aims to highlight the great qualities of awesome moms and dads. I, Rachel Myton, am the founder of the company, as well as the content curator, merchandise designer, saleswoman, marketing team, publicist all wrapped up into one! But what can I say? Isn’t multitasking a facet of being a mom?

Either way, MommyBabyTings®️ is best known for our line of “Fine Axx Mom”, “Cool Axx Mom”, and “Dope Axx Dad” hats. Our hats are washable, 100% cotton, and feature embroidered stitching that never fades or folds. I’m most proud of being able to share the amazing experience of parenthood, womanhood, and any other hood that is relatable to our supporters. We appreciate the chance to do what we love to do, and that's helping others look their best any way we know how ! 🌻


Meet Rachel Myton, the Creator of MommyBabyTings®️ 


I became a new mom in 2015 and motherhood completely changed my life. When my second daughter was born, only two years later, I was inspired to created MommyBabyTings®️, a blog that focused on motherhood, and my journey raising two toddlers so close in age. I not only wanted to share my experience, but also help share the experiences of other moms and dads; hearing their stories, victories, and failures, and advice. I wanted MommyBabyTings®️ to be a safe space for parents to come together and share what ever was on their heart or mind. 

From the blog, the hats were born! I began meeting so many awesome parents that I felt compelled to show how amazing it is to be a parent. I wanted hats that were of something positive and uplifting for parents. Something casual but stylish that could be easily represented. And I feel like our brand does just that 🌻